MS01 - Optimisation of Automatic Stepless Transmissions

Konstantin Ivanov (Kazakhstan National Academy of Sciences, Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Recently in an information field there were many publications and patents on optimum designs of automatic stepless transmissions. Such transfers (CVT, variators) are widely used in motor industry as automatic gear boxes. Competitive firms create more and more perfect designs claimed in manufacture. CVT start to be used in heavy transport cars, in motors-wheels, in road-building machine, in electric motor cars and in sport engineering. Constant perfection and optimization of CVT leads to improving of adequacy of transfer to a variable regime of motion, to decrease of sizes and weight. There were received data on creation of self-controlling gear variators. The optimal self-controlling CVT is capable to provide essential decrease in power of the drive, sizes and weight at the expense of adaptation to inertial loading that predetermines efficiency of its use in space branch, in robots and manipulators. Such transfer in the electric drive completely uses the engine power in any regime of motion that essentially increases electric efficiency.Necessity of discussion and an exchange of opinions on various production engineering of creation of optimum designs CVT and their application in various areas of engineering have been ripened.